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Complete control
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on State Regulations

Q. Our store needs a website but we are not yet ready to sell our products online. Do you have a solution that would work for us?

A. The Vino100 Website Package allows you full control of your website including product sales. You may completely turn off the e-commerce feature until you are ready to start selling online. You can also use this feature to help build up your inventory prior to activating the e-commerce feature as your product database is still fully functional in your Website Manager. Please view the Demo to see how this works.
Q. Our state regulations only allow us to ship Wine to specific states. How can we control which states can order wine?

A. The Website Manager allows you to setup which states you can ship wine to. If a customer tries to order wine to be shipped to a state that you cannot ship to, they will be notified of the regulation and asked to remove the wine from their shopping cart. They can still order non-wine products with no problems.
Q. We frequently have Wine Tasting and other local events at our store. Can we post these to our website?

A. Yes. The Website Package include an upcoming events calendar so that your local customers can always know what is going on at your store!
Q. I would like a feature that I don't see in the online demo. Can custom features be added to our website?

A. If you would like a custom feature added, please contact us directly to discuss the possibilities. We are always looking for new ways to make your website work even better. We can generally add your custom features in a timely manner.
Q. Do you offer training for the Website Package?

A. Absolutely! Although we have tried to make the website as user-friendly as possible, we realize that what is clear to us may not be as clear to others! Once your website is ready to go, we will contact you directly to setup an appointment so we can walk you through all the features available. Also, there is a complete Help Section available within the Website Manager.
Q. Is shopping online secure? Will my website have a secure checkout page?

A. We take all the precautions available to insure your website and customers online safety. Your website will use a 128 bit SSL Secure Certificate for all senstive information. All customer information is stored in an encrypted database that is password protected.
Q. How do I sign-up for this package? How long does it take to be up and running?

A. You can use our Secure Sign-Up Form to sign-up online or give us a call at 775 626-1150. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover or checks. Once you sign-up, your website will be ready to go within 1 week.
Q. What are the monthly fees? Are there any other hidden costs?

A. The monthly program fees for the Website Package are $34.95 or $29.95 if pre-paid yearly. To learn more about the monthly program fees and what is included, click here. There are no other fees or hidden costs.
Q. Do you need anything from us to get started?

A. Once you fill out the Secure Sign-Up Form, we will contact you to gather any needed information. We will also request photos of your store, both inside and out. The more information we can gather from you, the less you will have to do once the site is live!
Q. Our store is a Tinder Box/Vino100 combined store? Do you have any options for us?

A. We are currently working on a solution that will combine both the Vino100 Website Package and the Tinder Box Website Package so that you can promote both aspects of your store online easily by using one Website Manager to control both.

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